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Is It Real Fur?

September 23rd, 2011

I don’t wear fur, I think it’s wrong and I know a lot of your agree with me. But how many of you out there are unwittingly wearing fur products? If like many shoppers you assume fashion fur and fur trims on high street bought clothes have got to be fake, then think again! With cheap real fur pelts coming from China, it’s now cheaper for some retailers to put the real thing on garments. And if like me you struggle to even know the difference anymore here are some useful tips. But first, how many of you can spot the real fur in our little montage?

Washcare Labels

If in doubt all ways check the wash care label. Here you will find a breakdown of the components of the garment and any real fur should be listed as ‘Animal Fur’. However there is no real legislation forcing retailers to accurately list components and sometimes labels can still be miss leading.

Check the backing

Where possible always check the backing of the fur, if it’s fake you will see a woven effect on the back, if it’s real your will see skin (a little like suede) However if the garment is lined this isn’t always possible.

The Burn Test

The fool proof test and my favourite! If you just can’t tell the difference pull a few fibres from the fur. Only a pinch of hair is needed. Then very carefully (please don’t burn yourself or do this in the shop, I take mine home) burn the fibres with a match. If they splutter and burn very quickly and leave a hard black ball its fake. If it sizzles and leaves an ash that stinks of burn hair (come on girls we’ve’ all caught our hair in a hairdryer once or twice) then it’s real.

4 Responses to “Is It Real Fur?”

  1. Mihaela

    The first one?

  2. admin

    Nope! It’s a good guess but not the right one……

  3. Karin

    Either the 3rd one (brownish coloured one) or the shoes. I’ve seen that all too often. These things should be BANNED from being imported here! There should be no place for cruelty in the UK. I’ll carry on buying from here and contributing to petitions.. please help too! We’re the only voice and hope animals have!

  4. admin

    Nope! Good guess guys!
    But believe it or not it’s the horrendous black coat in the middle
    It’s by (and I’m ashamed to say it) British classic design brand Burberry Prorsum
    Its real rabbit and goat fur and cost £2.674,80
    I’d rather go naked

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